Madhuri Dixit in ‘Tezaab’

The era of 90s was undoubtedly a crucial period in shaping up the Indian Cinema like never before. Many superstars of today in the film industry started off in the 90s and went on to achieve stardom. Among them, there was one performer whose natural beauty, gracious personality and brilliant dance moves made her rule Bollywood at that point of time. No points for guessing! It was actress Madhuri Dixit Nene, whose smile and thumkas still make our hearts go dhak dhak, literally. Many of her fans and admirers would be aware of this fact that the talented actress had made her debut in films at a tender age of 17 with ‘Abodh’ (1984).

But, after a series of consecutive flops, the actress finally attained stardom with her character of Mohini in filmmaker N Chandra’s ‘Tezaab’ (1988), which starred her opposite Anil Kapoor. It was Madhuri’s first commercial success and who would forget the iconic song ‘Ek Do Teen’, which instantly made her a household name. Recently, we stumbled upon an old interview of the actress when she recalled the moment when she was being recognised after the success of the film. And it was during this time when she signed her first autograph. (Also Read: The time when Juhi Chawla refused a film with Madhuri Dixit)


The actress had appeared as the celebrity guest on host Simi Garewal’s talk show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’. It was during her conversation, when she was asked if post the success of ‘Tezaab’, everything was smooth for her. The actress replied to this by saying, “Well, with ‘Tezaab’, there was a certain sense of achievement. I remember I was at the airport and I was not here when ‘Tezaab’ released. My secretary Rakesh Nath called me up and he said you know the film is a hit, it’s a hit and I was like it’s a hit, but I don’t know what a hit feels like because I never had one. So, I was very happy it’s a hit. But, the first I think taste of success was when I landed at the airport and I came out and there was these little street urchins who come and clean your car and suddenly one of them said, ‘hey that’s that ‘Ek Do Teen’ Mohini Mohini’ you know and they came running and I was like gosh I got recognised you know and I signed my autograph.”

Simi even went to ask Madhuri as to how was it (giving an autograph) for the first time? Madhuri replied to the same by saying, “Yeah! I mean where people recognised me from a movie and they asked for a signature and I was like okay and I signed my name and the little kid says to the other he says ‘look ‘M’ ’M’, I told you it’s Mohini.”

It really must have been a moment to cherish, for the gorgeous actress.

Check out the full interview of Madhuri Dixit Nene below: