Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan once said, “Sometimes I hope I am not taking advantage of my stardom,” but the way things have been in the recent past, he is obviously milking his stardom dry. While his latest film, ‘Sultan’ went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year, he also got acquitted in the Chinkara poaching case. Those who aren’t obsessed with Salman were taken aback by the verdict. Though it has been eighteen long years since he was accused, there was enough evidence to prove him guilty, but suddenly he is a free man. Obviously a superstar’s life is more important than that of an endangered species.


Kudos to Khan’s PR machinery that has managed to build an image that has positioned him as a man-child with a heart of gold, a darling of the masses who can do no wrong. Just in case he goofs up, his family and friends jump right in, to cover up for him. Salman on the other hand doesn’t even bother to apologise – life goes on smoothly. While members of the Bishnoi community are shocked over Salman’s acquittal in the poaching case, there are many on social media who were spewing sarcastic comments on this latest development.

Here are some Twitter reactions…


While the debate of justice denied goes on, both online and off it, Salman is already getting geared for his next film, ‘Tubelight’ with his ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ director Kabir Khan. Do you think Salman is destiny’s favourite child, or is he misusing his stardom to get away with murders (literally)? Please do share your thoughts in the comments’ section.

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