Pahlaj Nihalani

On a normal day CBFC chief, Pahalaj Nihalani is busy being a terror to filmmakers by butchering their films with his narrow and warped world view even though it is 2016. Once in a while, Nihalani lightens things up by saying or doing something so ridiculous, everyone ends up laughing. Nihalani’s scissor-happy ways, ever since he took over as CBFC chairperson in January 2015, have inspired dozens of memes and jokes on social media, and this time he has outdone himself. It is obvious that Nihalani remains suspicious of the new wave of Indie cinema, and is in no mood to let the old traditions and culture corrode because of films.


In his brand new display of foolishness, Nihalani has come up with an innovative idea which will first leave you bewildered, and then make you laugh. Talking to a daily, he said, “I am suggesting a new category – Q – for films that are certified as universal and are fit for family viewing – and also carry some positive messages for society. The idea came to my mind because I see that many films without a big star cast have scenes of obscenity and vulgarity interspersed in order to garner eye balls and get audiences in theatres as tickets are very expensive these days.”

He further added, “So unless we incentivise clean films with tax exemptions, filmmakers will not want to make such films.” All we can say is, thank you Mr Nihalani for the mid-week laughs. Now waiting for the social media to jump and explode thanks to this golden opportunity, and make some more memes and jokes about this ‘Q’ category suggested by the CBFC chief. We will have enough material to laugh all the way to the weekend. What do you think about this new stroke of genius by Pahalaj Nihalani? Please do share your thoughts in the comments’ section.

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