Ali Fazal reshares a story demanding Sajid Khan’s exit from Bigg Boss 16

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The controversial yet highly popular reality show Bigg Boss returned with its 16th season earlier this month and since then, the show has been the topic of discussion everywhere. One of the most controversial part about Bigg Boss 16 is the participation of filmmaker Sajid Khan in the show, which has attracted considerable criticism from the audience as well as the industry and now Ali Fazal has also joined the list of celebrities questioning that decision.


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Sajid Khan was one of the biggest names that cropped up during the Me Too movement in India and he has also been accused of sexual misconduct earlier, so many people had questioned the makers for letting him be a part of Bigg Boss 16. Many people had come online to voice their disapproval and shared photos and videos demanding the exit of Sajid Khan, and now Ali Fazal has also shared one such picture on his Instagram stories.


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The actor took to his Instagram stories to share a photo by a page called smishdesigns that sees Sajid’s photo being burned by a hand that has “#MeToo” written on the wrist, along with the text on video, “EVICT SAJID KHAN FROM BIGG BOSS NOW! (sic)”. 

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Ali isn’t the first celebrity to come out and voice his opinion on Sajid’s participation in the Salman Khan-hosted show. Before this, even singer Sona Mohapatra had questioned the decision. She had said, “If we speak up, we lose. If we don’t, we lose. That is the Hobsons choice facing women who spoke up in India MeToo right now. Should we provide free PR and publicity to TV show’s diabolical marketing teams and channels giving a hero’s welcome, seats of authority & whitewashing serial sex offenders like Sajjid Khan, Anu Malik, Vikas Behl & many more? Should we avoid bathing in the troll mud-bath that follows making our identity that of controversial trouble-makers, liars, attention hungry & worse or should we be part of the ‘culture of silence’ & normalise this.”

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