Annup Sonii: If Shah Rukh Khan’s son wants to become an actor, won’t he help him? Then how can you call it nepotism!

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Annup Sonii has been one of the most prolific names in the TV world. He has been working since the past 3 decades, and it’s only fair to talk to him about how or when he faced nepotism – a topic which has been raging in the film and TV industry since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Annup Sonii didn’t hold back his thoughts and went on to talk very objectively about the whole topic.

Check out Annup Sonii’s interview with Bollywood Bubble where he discussed about nepotism in dept. Also, he spoke about how well he knew Sushant Singh Rajput. Have a look at the interview right here:

When asked about the raring topic of nepotism, Annup said, “If someday Shah Rukh Khan‘s son wants to be an actor, then won’t he help him? Then how can you call it nepotism!

We must it’s a very valid point.

Annup goes on to also add, “As an outsider, what you can do is to work hard and work so hard and so well that the people standing in front of you are bound to notice. What will I gain as an actor by cribbing about how my dad or mom isn’t an actor? There is no point. Rather than that it’s better to give your hundred per cent to the job and do it so exceedingly well that the others have to notice you.

We must say, very well put Annup.

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