Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE: Abhinav Shukla: I won’t be friends with Rakhi Sawant

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Abhinav Shukla recently made waves after his stint on the reality show Bigg Boss 14. The actor got evicted after spending nearly 4 months inside. With just two weeks to eviction, Abhinav shared that his journey has been one of a kind, truly. Apart from Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik’s relationship, Abhinav made headlines after Rakhi Sawant expressed her crush on him. The episode took a slightly wrong turn after Rakhi Sawant offended Abhinav Shukla with her moves and later even called her ‘tharki’. The issue was raised by Salman Khan himself who reprimanded Abhinav for allegedly ‘overreacting’.

When asked Abhinav if he agrees to Salman Khan’s assessment, he said, “I think I have said enough on that Weekend Ka Vaar. Personally I am not designed to listen to those words and especially when it had become a sensitive topic for me. I wasn’t even talking to Rakhi and despite that she did it, and I got angry at that. But again I will say that people only reprimand those who have scope for improvement and you have expectations from. Hence, I take it with a pinch of salt.”

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So, after all these ups and downs, will he continue to be friends with Rakhi? Abhinav responded, “I won’t be friends with Rakhi.” He also revealed that when he got reprimanded inside, he took it as a learning. Abhinav has also made it clear that he and Rubina are no longer thinking about divorce. “Bigg Boss has really helped our relationship get stronger. When we came inside, I had told Rubi jokingly that you fight with me over petty things. Now in the house you witness the fights and you will forgets ours and that is exactly what happened.”

Bigg Boss 14 finale will take place on February 21.

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