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Bigg Boss 14 Finale: From flying solo to bond with Aly Goni; Here’s why Rahul Vaidya deserves to win BB 14

Rahul Vaidya, a name that we all associated with Indian Idol. But from now on, everyone will remember him as the ‘king’ of Bigg Boss 14. With Bigg Boss 14 grand finale only a day away, viewers are curious to know who will be the Bigg Boss 14 winner. Rubina Dilaik, Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, or Rakhi Sawant, anyone can pick the BB 14 trophy tomorrow, February 21, during the grand finale.

But, it is highly anticipated that it’s either Rahul or Rubina, who might emerge as the winner. Well, how wins and who does not, only time will tell. With a few hours remaining to Bigg Boss 14 finale, we list down 5 reasons why Rahul Vaidya deserves to win Bigg Boss 14. From playing Alone to being mocked, from his equation with Aly to fights with Rubina, Rahul Vaidya has had a roller-coaster ride inside the BB 14 house.

Here’s why Rahul Vaidya deserves to win – A look at his Bigg Boss 14 journey:

Flying Solo

When Rahul entered the Bigg Boss 14 house, his fans were curious to know who he would form a connection with. Going with the norm of BB, teams were formed with the first few weeks. While fans were mulling over which team would Rahul Vaidya join, he decided to fly solo. Yes, Rahul played the game individually and on his terms. He did not fall prey to anyone’s influences and did what his heart said.

Though he tried to make bonds, it did not work out for him. Rahul did fall a little lonely, but he stood strong and did not lose his fighting spirit. Some called him ‘sher’ while others called him the ‘king’ of BB 14 for doing it all alone!

Bromance with Aly Goni

After failing to create a rapport with Nikki Tamboli, Eijaz Khan and others, Rahul found ‘true friendship’ in Aly Goni. His equation with Aly can be called ‘magical,’ as none thought they’d be friends, courtesy Jasmin Bhasin. But, it happened, beautifully much and how!

Not only did Aly form the strongest connection with Rahul, but he also made sure to sort out his differences with Jasmin. Today, they’re considered as the ‘Ram-Lakhan’ jodi of BB 14. From supporting each other to showing one another the right path, Rahul and Aly proved their brotherly bond.

Many tried to break them apart, but they stood with each other like a rock. Rahul got called Aly’s side-Kick several times, but he did not let that affect their bond. Rahul and Aly proved that their friendship is genuine, as they stand together in the finale now.

Walking out of comfort zone

Remember when Rahul Vaidya walked out of the BB 14 house voluntarily? The moment broke many hearts as Rahul willing exited the show, as he felt homesick. He shared that he missed his mother a lot, and it’s not his cup of tea to stay far from his family.

But, after making this mistake, he returned. He came back with a bang and fought all his fears. Be it staying away from dear ones or not getting a reply from ladylove Disha Parmar, Rahul stood undeterred. From tasks to household chores, Rahul walked out of his comfort zone each time and proved nothing is impossible.

Forgetting sour moments and moving forward

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, Rahul had the most number of fights in Bigg Boss 14. Be it Eijaz Khan, Jasmin Bhasin, Rubina Dilaik, or Abhinav Shukla, Rahul has gotten into a tiff with almost everyone. But, his fights with Jasmin and Rubina were the biggest ones.


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While usually, people hold grudges of their bitter moments with, Rahul is different. He buried his hatchet with Jasmin after Aly’s entry and formed a close bond with her. In the last leg of BB 14, Rubina and Rahul, the ‘biggest enemies’ of BB 14, also shared ‘good moments.’ Always, Rahul has forgotten the sour moments and moved forward to a better tomorrow. Well, that’s certainly an appreciable quality.

Upfront and Entertaining

‘I am what I am. Take me as I am, or see me as I go.’ This is the attitude Rahul Vaidya kept throughout the season. A strong-minded, opinionated, and mature person. While some thought he was rude and arrogant, Rahul spoke his mind and never had filters. He wore his heart on his sleeves and did not shy away from calling a spade a spade. While he accepted his mistakes, he did not bow down when he was not wrong.

We knew Rahul Vaidya – the singer. But inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, he earned the title of a ‘true blue entertainer.’ Remember how he did the towel dance to impress Hina Khan during the initial days? Well, it is to date the best moments of BB 14. From his one-liners to shayaris, from songs to dance with Rakhi, Rahul is the full package of Entertainment.

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