‘Bigg Boss 14’: Jaan Kumar Sanu apologizes for his comments on Marathi language- watch video

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Jaan Kumar Sanu’s comment on the Marathi language took a political turn when leaders of Shiv Sena and MNS threatened to stop the show’s shoot until the channel and Jaan issues an apology within 24 hours. While the Colors channel issued an apology immediately, Jaan Kumar Sanu also apologized for his comments and said that it was not his intention to hurt anyone.

In ‘Bigg Boss 14′ a few days back, Jaan had a spat with Nikki Tamboli for speaking with Rahul Vaidya in Marathi. Jaan told Nikki that he gets irritated every time they talk in Marathi.

Now, a video of Jaan’s apology was shared by Colors channel in which we can hear Bigg Boss informing Jaan how his comments have hurt the sentiments of Maharashtrians. Bigg Boss reprimands Jaan and reminds him that every contestant has been asked to refrain commenting on any religion, caste or community so that no one ends up hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Jaan offering his apology says, “Namaste, my name is Jaan Kumar Sanu. A few days ago, I unknowingly made a blunder that has hurt the sentiments of Marathi people. I am sincerely sorry about this. It was never my intention to offend the Marathi people. If my comments have been perceived as negative, I would like to apologise for them. I would also like to apologise to Bigg Boss for harming the show’s reputation, and will never repeat this mistake.”

You can check his video below:

In their letter addressed to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, the channel wrote, “We have received objections regarding the reference to Marathi language during the episode broadcasted on 27th October 2020 on Colors channel. We have taken note of these objections and have taken corrective measures of removing the said part from all future broadcasts of the episode.”

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