EXCLUSIVE: Divya Agarwal opens up about her ugly fight with Shamita Shetty on Bigg Boss: Tried reaching out to her through Raqesh Bapat

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Divya Agarwal and Shamita Shetty were the best of friends when they had entered Bigg Boss OTT. The first couple of weeks, Shamita and Divya had an unbreakable bond and they were seen standing up for each other like a strong unit. But soon the tables turned and Divya Agarwal had an ugly fight with Shamita Shetty that lead to a fallout between the two. Things were not the same again as Shamita said she lost all trust in Divya. While they tried to mend things towards the end of Bigg Boss OTT but looks like it is still the same. We sat down for a candid chat with Divya Agarwal and asked her about her fight with Shamita and if she tried reaching out to Shetty after the show.

Divya told Bollywood Bubble that she does not have Shamita’s phone number, “When I came out of the house, I did try. I had Raqesh’s number so I spoke to him. Even Raqesh said, “Tum log ka kya hi locha hai mereko nai malum”, and I say the same thing, I dont know. Now, what is going on in Bigg Boss that Rajiv Adatia came in and explained to her and then she just made a decision to not speak to Vishal Kotian and confronted him, just behaved oddly. This made me feel really bad because I remembered it happened with me as well and I was just trying to prove my point.”

Divya said that she would want to be friends with Shamita and change her habit of not trusting anyone, “Shamita, if she becomes a very good friend, I would definitely change this about her. I know it is really difficult to trust people but you should do it once. Till when can someone betray you, eventually they will say sorry and give up.”

Check out the full conversation below:

Shamita Shetty is currently in Bigg Boss 15 and she was recently joined by her beau Raqesh Bapat and best friend Neha Bhasin.

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