EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 15 lovebirds Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal spill beans on their marriage plans

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Bigg Boss 15 lovebirds Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal have been eliminated from the BB15 house in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Even though they have been evicted from the house, the two were making the maximum noise for their mushy romance. The two entered the house together as two individuals about Miesha and Ieshaan left the house together as lovers. After coming out of the Bigg Boss 15 show, Bollywood Bubble got in touch with the couple. Since they have grabbed attention for their relationship, we happened to ask if they have any marriage plans in the near future.

Well, Miesha didn’t tell Ieshaan to answer the question and revealed that marriage is just an official stamp for her. “We need to focus on our career right now. Obviously, we are going to do that by being with each other and we have become an integral part of each other’s life right now. So, when you talk about settling down, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of things. I don’t want to do anything without thinking about the consequences. So, we want to stand on our feet first. We want to travel the world and travel a lot. And honestly, with no disrespect to anything, I think shaadi is just an official stamp, like settling down is just an official stamp. We have already been in a live-in now, it’s been a month since we have been in live-in,  it’s almost like shaadi, it’s just that official stamp nahi hai,” Miesha exclusively shared to us.

During this interview, Ieshaan also revealed that he was the least favourite contestant in the house for Miesha; however, things then began to evolve during the course of the show.


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