EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss OTT’s Neha Bhasin OPENS UP sexist comments passed in the house

Bigg Boss OTT, which is a new concept of the reality show with the theme “over the top entertainment”, has been in the buzz since day one. The Bigg Boss OTT show, which was live-streamed online 24X7, will culminate tonight.

For the unversed, singer Neha Bhasin, who is known for her unapologetically honest opinions, was the latest contestant to get eliminated from the house. Her journey had several fights and controversies, however, she will be best known for her amazing connections with co-contestants Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal.

And now in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the singer opened up on several topics including the sexist comments that were made in the house. When asked about a fan’s question on what is her opinion on the ‘panty’ comments by Divya and Shamita, to which she said,” Dono galat hai, even if I have said something like this, then even that’s wrong. Whenever Shamita realized her mistakes she always accepted them and made sure to never repeat them. And this was my same pattern. But Divya kept repeating it. And she defended it and made sure to make me weak. She understood that it was affecting me. And honestly, on the last day, I was looking very weak.”

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And now, when I look back my journey, she had got to me. She has been instigating me through the journey. They kept discussing the underwear again and again. And now, journalists were discussing it. They were describing stuff and she was describing stuff. She was talking to other men about it in the house. I just felt it was not required. And I have been apologizing. I told her don’t be so loud but she still decided to go out and talk about it. And not admit to it. So, I didn’t understand this type of tit for tat.”

She added, “If you want my opinion, then if Shamita said it then it is wrong. And if she has said then it is wrong too. However, to rub it in again and again. This cannot be equated. We should say both are wrong. In one situation, one was not made aware of it. And one was aware and she never stopped. “

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