Sambhavna Seth compares Asim Riaz to Swami Om; Asim’s fans say, “Swami Om’s only competitor is Sidharth Shukla”

Image Source - Instagram

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sambhavna Seth has compared Asim Riaz to ex-contestant Swami Om who was famous for creating ruckus in ‘Bigg Boss 11’ during his stay. He crossed all his limits to demean other contestants. He has been one of the weirdest contestants till now. The self-proclaimed godman had done all the antics inside the house.

Sambhavna Seth recently took to her Twitter handle comparing Asim to Swami Om and she said that there is only one man that is Asim who can give a tough competition to Swami Om. But Asim supporters lashed out at the Bhojpuri actress and said that it is Sidharth who is like Swami Om and not Asim. Sambhavna tweeted post the recent fight of Asim and Sidharth.

Check Sambhavna’s tweet here.

Now, check the comments of Asim’s supporters who think Shukla is Swami Om.

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