Debina Bonnerjee asks fans to spend time with parents in COVID curfew: Use this time to be their children again

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Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are among the few, who have come to the forefront to help people amid the COVID crisis. As India battles the worst hit by COVID, Gurmeet and Debina are urging people to ‘come together’ to fight against this deadly virus. From requesting them to donate plasma to deciding to set up a hospital, Gurmeet and Debina are doing their bit. Now in a heartfelt message, Debina Bonnerjee has emphasised how spending time with parents amid the COVID curfew is important.

The actress explained how in our own busy schedules, we tend to ignore our elderly parents, who are also battling the blues of COVID curfew at home. She highlights how the younger generation is self-engrossed, but the older generation might feel lonely or left out during these tough times. Hence, to make them feel normal and content, she asked everyone to spend time with their parents and other family members at home.

While being locked in a house is boring, but it can be turned beautiful by spending quality time with parents. She feels this is the only time ‘bonds’ can grow and become stronger, and thus urged everyone to use the time wisely. Debina explained all this, in a long heartfelt message and a beautiful video on her Instagram handle.

“It’s so easy to get caught up in an I, me, myself spiral at a time like this but take a moment to turn to your parents – As unusual as this situation is for us, it’s far more unusual for them. They don’t keep up with trends, they’re not as active as us on Instagram. They don’t know what to do and yet, they never complain. All it takes is a little effort from our end to make their whole day,” she expressed.

Debina Bonnerjee urges fans to be with parents:


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She continued, “When this is over and we’re back to our routines, we’re going to get busy. Use this time to be their children again, put your phone down and having a conversation with them. Talk about the good old days, hear their stories, learn something new about them or teach them something new today.”

Debina Bonnerjee feels this is the only time and way to say ‘Thank You‘ to parents and express our love for them. She urged everyone to express their love for their parents, as it is a blessing to have them home hale and hearty amid this crisis.

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