EXCLUSIVE: Aditi Sharma on facing rejections in films: When they found out I did TV, they never got back

Image Source - Instagram

Aditi Sharma rose to fame with Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka. Recently, Zain Imam, Aditi Sharma, Anushka Sen among others came together for the web show Crashh. Zain and Aditi are working together for the first time in Crashh. In a candid chat, the two open up about their on-screen chemistry, hanging out together, facing rejections for working on Television, and how the web is changing the scene for them. During the conversation, when asked if they see a change in the way content is being written for the web and if they have faced rejections in films because of their Television background.

Aditi Sharma confessed that she had gotten shortlisted for a film and they had liked her auditions. “I had not told them about my work on Television till then. I had only done one show on TV, so I did not tell them much about it. They had liked me in the auditions and I was shortlisted too and was about to do it. But, I don’t know how they got to know about my television background. When they got to know, they never called me back. I thought that was very mean.” Zain added that though he never really faced such a thing, he too has had instances where he has been looked down upon because he did a bit of television.

The two, however, maintained that things are changing today for the better. Zain and Aditi shared that with the web coming to foray, actors are getting an opportunity to showcase their talent, irrespective of what background they come from.

Meanwhile, Zain Imam and Aditi Sharma’s chemistry in Crashh is being loved and adored. The show might come back with Season 2 where their love story will be of prime focus. The show went live on Zee5 recently.

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