EXCLUSIVE: Jahnavi Dhanrajgir on her experience of working in Broken But Beautiful 3: It was not an easy character to play

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Jahnavi Dhanrajgir has definitely created an impact in Sidharth Shukla’s Broken But Beautiful 3. Speaking about her character Sakshi she says ,“It was not an easy character to play. It is of a single mother who has seen a lot in her life and director Priyanka told me one thing from the beginning that Sakshi needs to be calm and grounded in the role. So while performing this was constantly there in my thought process.”

On sharing screen with heartthrob Sidharth Shukla, Jahnavi shares “There was no awkwardness on the set. He made me comfortable and we were totally engrossed into our roles. He is a cool guy, we had shared jokes but most of the time when I was not shooting I used to sit at the corner with a book.”

Interestingly inspite of the romantic angle of Agastya and Sakshi in the series, there are no intimate scenes. “I believe the way Sakshi and Agastya’s relationship has been shown, it is beyond the physical part. The dynamics between the two is too good. It’s unusual,” Jahnavi says.

In the series we have seen how Sakshi and Agastya parted ways, so what was your reaction to the whole thing? “That’s one of the toughest scene to do and I also enjoyed performing it. When I was reading the script I was quite sad as Sakshi is moving away but I guess Broken is a story of Agastya and Rumi’s love and that is definitely more than anything. It’s a kind of open track for Sakshi.”

So will you be part of the fourth season? “I don’t know you need to ask the makers, I would love to be. The amount of appreciation and love I have received from the fans and my family, friends is overwhelming. When your hard-work pays off so nicely … what else you can ask for,” she reasons.

Before venturing into acting Jahnavi has worked as an assistant director in the film Sultan and also and she is a trained editor as well. She says, “When you learn something it is always good and being a trained editor I know certain things. But as an actor the on set experience seeing all the senior actors working is always a great learnings.”

Jahnavi is currently reading exciting scripts. She debuted with a film titled Bolo Hau which was directed by her father Tarun Dhanrajgir. How did her father guide her? “I have been rejected so many times in my auditions, I got this role in Broken through auditions as well . I have just stared off and putting my best foot forward,” she signs off.

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