EXCLUSIVE: Shaheer Sheikh says Dev as a househusband was his favourite in KRPKAB, opens up on reuniting with Erica

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Shaheer Sheikh is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after actors on Indian Television. He is someone who has always managed to bring something new to the table. Take any of his shows, Shaheer is one of the few actors who has experimented with each show of his. Shaheer Sheikh returned with Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3 where he reunites with the entire team along with Erica Fernandes.

In an exclusive chat, Shaheer Sheikh opens up on playing Dev again, the challenge that he faced, the concerns and pressures while returning with Season 3, bond with Erica Fernandes, balancing shooting for Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi and Pavitra Rishta, and most importantly, what phase of Dev did he enjoy the most. Excerpt below:

How has your family and friends been reacting to Kuch Rang Season 3?

Everyone is waiting for it to get into that phase where they are together but initially, we had to set up the story in a way that we had to break them for them to come together stronger later and we needed good reasoning for that and I hope we have done a good job with that and hope it gets better.

Did you have concerns and pressures of not disappointing the fans because Kuch Rang has always been one of those shows which enjoyed a lot of credibility?

Of course, that was my concern from the beginning that the storyline should do justice to the characters. After leaving a character for 5 years to be able to be that character again, the story had to do justice. The show has a huge fan following still and it is considered to be a good show so I had to make sure that when we return the fans look forward to it. I believe in Mamta ma’am and Yash sir and their storytelling, they told me that the style and shot taking of the show will remain the same but we will explore the subject of what happens when a marriage reaches complacency because that is hardly explored. So, I thought it is quite relatable and people have been able to relate to Kuch Rang from the very first day.

I guess that basic core of the show we had to maintain which we have, I think. The aura of the characters is still the same, I like that.


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Was it difficult to be Dev again?

Yes it was difficult, I initially thought it would not be because I know Dev, I played the character for so long but when I started, it was a little challenging. It took me 15 to 20 days to get into the skin of Dev again.

What advice would you give to Dev in first season to Dev now?

I haven’t thought about this. Right now I feel Dev has always been in a situation where he has struggled to strike a balance between things, so I guess I would tell Dev to keep it simple.

How has your bond with the team evolved since first day on sets?

The very first time when we shot for season one I did not know anyone. This time when they told me about the show I was actually very relieved. Usually, we are anxious when we start a new show but I was at ease because I know them. I know everyone so well. So that comfort was from day one.


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What about your camaraderie with Supriya Pilgaonkar and Erica Fernandes?

See with Maa, I don’t think we have to act on screen honestly. It comes from within. Even if I am scolding her in a scene, it comes from within, that’s how our relationship is, that’s how we behave in real life as well.

With Erica also, it was so good to see her again. We were feeling proud as she started her career with this show and now she has become a big name in the industry. You know you feel like you own this and we are part of this family in real life as well.

You have always experimented with roles. What is your process like for each role?

It is more exciting than difficult when it is something new but the one thing I did not know was that it would be challenging to get back to the character that I have played before. This is something I realised while shooting for season three. For every character, there is a different process actually. For example, for Arjun I had to prepare a lot. It took me almost 7 to 8 months to prepare for Arjun.It was a completely different approach when I played Abir because there I was trying to be myself. I tried to keep it as real and at ease as possible for Abir. Dev is much more layered as a character for that I had to first understand what vision Mamta ma’am had for him. I guess I am a director’s and writer’s actor.

Which phase of Dev did you enjoy the most?

I love the phase where he becomes the househusband and where he was taking care of the children. The phase where he is taking care of everything at home. I love that. Hopefully, I would be like that one day as well (laughs out loud).


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What does Ruchikaa Kapoor has to say about your performance?

Honestly, we don’t talk about work so much. I prefer not to watch my own performance because when I get into that zone where I am super critical about myself. I start criticising everything which is not great. Anyway, when I am home I don’t talk about work.

Lastly, Shaheer, you are doing music videos, shooting two shows.. and of course, family, how are you balancing?

And trust me, this is the phase I thought I would be a little free. I will keep myself a little free. However, due to lockdown for almost one and a half year, I was not doing much and whatever I had signed then, is been shot now, together at the same time. I am trying to balance. Kuch Rang we shoot for 20 days a month and another show (Pavitra Rishta), it is limited episodes, a very small number, so it can be managed.

For those unversed, Shaheer will soon be embracing fatherhood with wife Ruchikaa Kapoor.

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