EXCLUSIVE: Shaheer Sheikh on working birthday, fan love, life post marriage with Ruchikaa Kapoor

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Shaheer Sheikh turns a year older today. The handsome actor is undeniably one of the most sought-after in the industry. Shaheer Sheikh has been someone who walks his path and manages to leave fans excited with everything he does. Never been the one to be typecast, Shaheer strikes a balance between what he wants to share with fans without comprising on his privacy. An environmentalist at heart, Shaheer spoke to Bubble exclusively and revealed that his birthday plans for the day remain the same which is ‘work.work.work’. He even joked that Ruchikaa Kapoor is even scared to wish him because he doesn’t like to be center of attention. He also told us that he will try and spend a little more time with fans and how people were surprised when he finally got married to Ruchikaa. Over to him.

Firstly, what are your plans for today?

No plans as such today. I have to do a lot of work-related things today.

No plans at all? Somethings don’t change… But has Ruchikaa finally something maybe?

I prefer not to have any plans (laughs). Not just her, even my friends know that I don’t like it, especially on this day I don’t like to be the center of attention. She is scared to even wish me (laughs). Jokes apart, though I just don’t like all the attention on the day.

Every year I ask you what is your birthday wish for the year. This time around, is there anything you deeply want?

I wish only one thing deeply and I really hope for it to happen is for people to realise what they are doing to this planet. It bothers me so much that how we are destroying our planet. We are not ready to accept so many things which are out there which is affecting nature and our lives too. Very soon, if we continue this, there will be no way out. All the disasters happening all over the world, it is happening at a very alarming rate, so we have to take measures now. We have to come up with strict rules and laws to curb this.

Does the spike in COVID 19 cases around alarm you as well?

Yes, that is happening. When we talk about COVID and the pandemic, I don’t know what needs to be done apart from taking our precautions. We can only do our bit and take measures. It has affected economically almost everyone. We can’t even sit at home and do nothing, it has reached that point too. So, I don’t know the way forward. But this is nature telling us that it is high time to take care of her as well. In the meantime, our responsibility is to take care of everyone around by masking up and following protocols laid down by the government to help curb COVID spread.

Also, you have been very busy with designing your house… has the process been exciting? Are you enjoying it?

I fell in love with designing my house when I did my first house, 10 years back, that was a small rented Apartment but I realised that I love the process so much. 3-4 months back, I did my dad’s place, the white room, that was my dad’s room in Jammu. During Kuch Rang, I had done my new house in Mumbai. I think this is going to be my next profession, an interior designer (laughs). The latest I am doing is my new apartment now which I am doing from the scratch. I am doing it myself, I have not hired myself. I am actually thinking about doing a lot more interior designing.

Fans miss you. Do you have any plans to be a little more active on social media when on a sabbatical from work?

I do feel the need because I have not been able to do it for the last two months. The house is keeping me busy. Today, also when I am saying I would be busy it is my house that is keeping me busy throughout the day. I am there every single day. It is not easy. It is very challenging and exciting as well. it demands a lot of energy, you have to decide every basic thing but it gives you a sense of satisfaction also because you have a story about every corner, every wall and you get to make it how you want it to be. That’s why it is exciting for me. At the end of the day, I am a simple guy, so I won’t create anything high on maintenance thing, it will be pretty simple and minimalistic but something which resonates with me.

Once this is done, I will be more active with fans, mostly next week. I need to be active for them. One is constructive feedback from them, of course. But apart from that, the feel-good factor when you know that you have touched someone’s life who stays far away from you and has never met you, and if you can bring a smile on their face.. that is an amazing feeling and I miss that. I will try to be more active.

Cliche as it is, but has life changed post marriage at all?

It is strange. People would tell me that things will change and it won’t be the same once you are married. it is nothing like that. I don’t see or feel a change. I think the base of our relationship is friendship. We have been friends for a long time so the dynamics of our relationship have not changed. It doesn’t feel any different, it is amazing. We can still go out and be the same. I am liking that I can’t feel any change.

Bilkul bhi nahi?

Abhi tak toh nahi feel ho raha (laughs).

When did you guys decide to get married? Did it surprise people around you because we sure were surprised?

The realisation for me ‘I don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow.’ Anything can happen and whatever needs to be done needs to be done now. Whatever I want to do, I will do it. We have seen so many people around us take this decision during the pandemic. It was a realisation that anything can happen tomorrow so there is no point in planning. Hence, I put out her picture too because you put it out there when you are sure about it.

About if anyone was surprised bit, OH YA! You won’t believe how many people were surprised. People were not expecting me to get married, I don’t know what they were expecting me to do (laughs).

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