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Fan asks Diandra Soares if she likes to s*ck d*ck; ex-Bigg Boss contestant exposes troll and humiliates him publicly

Image Source - Instagram

Diandra Soares has been one of the most talked-about contestants on Bigg Boss across all seasons. The way she got her head bald has hardly ever been replicated by any other women throughout the 13 seasons of the show. The pretty lady is someone who never shies away from calling a spade a spade. She has time and again hit back at trolls, and she has done the same once again recently.

Here’s what happened. A troll messaged Diandra personally and used some obscene words. To be specific the troll asked Diandra if she liked to ‘s*ck d*ck’. The actress who is known to give it back to the trolls took screenshots of the message and the person’s profile and posted it all over her social media to expose the cyberbully. Have a look at Diandra’s post.

Dianda wrote along with the screenshots, “Hey….. actually you know if your mother had sucked dick only…. It would have been great! Coz you are the sperm that should have been sucked & swallowed only , no no not even worth that. Should have been spat out !!!!!!!!! :: ::: To all my followers pls report. If you have the time !!!!!!! @cybercrime_india_ @cyber_crime_helpline @cybercrimemumbai @mumbai.police_ @mumbaipolice (sic).

Diandra went on to also comment more on the same post and write, “And to alll the people who ask or say “but what’s the point ?” You sit your friggin useless asses down. The point is … if on the streets someone does it n you let it go. They get brave to do it more often. If online you let it go, they get brave to do it often. By saying what’s the point you enable them to do it fearlessly to others. You have to react & name shame n or slap these assholes. Then…. the next time…. they think about it. They might be scared of the consequences. Also these are the kind of sick people that are eve teasers n turn into RAPISTS. SO KINDLY DO NOT TELL ME HOW I SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT REACT (sic).

Diandra’s friends and genuine followers have been applauding this move by the former Bigg Boss contestant. She indeed has done a great job by exposing this troll.

Let’s wait and watch whether the concerned cyber cells and police departments are able to catch the criminal and take some action or not. Kudos to you Diandra. You go, girl!

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