Krushna Abhishek UPSET on reports over his troubled relations with Govinda: Things are blown out of proportion

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Comedian Krushna Abhishek is always in the limelight for his exceptional comic timing and talented performance. Besides his talent, the actor-comedian is also in the news for his troubled relationship with his uncle Govinda. Recently, Krushna Abhishek spoke at length about his current equation with Govinda and the reason behind their dispute.

Krushna feels his words are often manipulated and misguided. He says that whenever he speaks about Govinda, only a part of his comments is highlighted. He further says that only those statements are picked up or manipulated which brings sensation to the news. The comedian feels this communication is the only reason behind their dispute. Krushna Abhishek told IANS, “If I say ‘I love Govinda but why is he doing this with me’, then the only second half of the sentence comes out in the headline.”

When asked how do the headlines affect him, the actor expressed that he feels upset about the communication gap and miscommunication that has developed between him and Govinda. He goes on to tell about things that are close to the actor’s heart which he tries to convey but doesn’t reach the other person. Krushna feels miscommunication has made things uglier and whatever he speaks as a dot, a complete line is drawn from it. “Miscommunication goes with it, even if you make a normal comment. Even a small thing is blown out of proportion,” he was quoted saying.


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Lastly, he said that his relations get affected because of the negative reports on him. Krushna thinks that instead of talking about it in media, he should rather do a live session on Instagram. But, if he does so, Krushna feels that people will wonder what has happened to him

On the work front, Krushna is going to be seen in the second season of ‘OMG: Yeh Mera India’. Krushna will be seen hosting the show where there will be stories of extraordinary talents across India.

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