Kuch Toh Hai EXCLUSIVE: Krishna Mukherjee on comparisons with Surbhi Chandna, Mouni Roy & dealing with trolls

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Kuch Toh Hai starring Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput premiered in February. The show has had a good review so far and has received a mixed response. Krishna plays the role of Priya on the show who is an orphan. Krishna and Harsh have been paired for the first time and their pairing exudes freshness onscreen. We exclusively spoke to Krishna Mukherjee on bagging the spin-off to Naagin, the pressure it comes with, comparisons with previous Naagins, working with Harsh on the show, and more. Excerpts below:

To headline a Naagin spin-off, what was your reaction like when told that you are finalised to play the lead?

Honestly, for a week at least I was in denial and not sure. I did not even tell my parents about it because I did not know if it is really happening. I did not give an audition for the show and they just called me for a mock shoot. I was in Chandigarh for a wedding when I got the call and I wasn’t able to believe it for a while. I had given two mock shoots for other shows earlier but nothing had happened so I wasn’t sure. They finalised me in like 2-3 days itself. I was so shocked, can’t even say it. It was always my dream to do this.

When they finalised me, I did not know this is a spin-off of Naagin. I thought this is for some other supernatural show and when they told me this is for Naagin, I was so shocked.

Harsh and you have been paired together. How has the bonding been on sets?

He is a darling. He is such a pyaara insaan. he is very helpful, and down to earth. He doesn’t have tantrums, even if his shot is not there, he will help me with my shot too. He gives me advises. During the mock shoot, I was having a problem with one scene, he helped me get through it.

How has the response of closed friends and family been?

It has been phenomenal. My mother and father cannot believe it still. My dad called me to send some pictures because he wanted to put up posters in Ludhiana as his daughter has achieved his dreams. I was so happy to hear that and see them so excited.

Given that the show comes with a lot of pressure already, do you feel the pressure already? Are you carrying any baggage?

No, I am not carrying any baggage. I am not going to look at comparisons. harsh and I have decided that we will give our best and we have the gut feeling that it will be amazing.

Have you watched previous seasons? Your favourite?

I have seen previous seasons. Honestly, Mouni Roy was unbeatable as Naagin. I would follow it so much despite being busy with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. She literally embodied Naagin.

Are you mentally prepared for the trolls that will follow?

They are already trolling. Haters have been texting me about taking Bani’s place and all and I just smile because people don’t like change. But I am sure if the story clicks with them, I think they will like it.

How do you deal with the negative comments in general?

When I did YHM, people would troll me, yeh kaun hai, kyu aayi hai but eventually they liked my character.

I feel if we believe in ourselves, the trolls won’t matter. You just smile and wait for the change to happen. Honestly, I would get affected seeing trolls in the initial days of YHM and I would reply to them too and request them to stop bashing. They bash everyone. Now, I am used to it. No problem if you hate me, Thank You if you love me.

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