‘Kumkum Bhagya’ actress Naina Singh reveals her acting career has been no less than a rollercoaster ride

Image Source - Instagram

Actress and reality show star Naina Singh, who is popular for her role as Rhea in the hit TV show, ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ opens up about her journey which she says has been no less than a rollercoaster ride for her.

Talking about how becoming part of significant projects in a lesser course of time, she says “It’s never been an easy ride for me. I always had to work hard to get whatever I achieved. People probably look at me and think how I’m always doing some or the other project back to back, but none of what I’ve achieved has happened overnight. It took a lot of hard work and also disappointments along the way. But I’m someone who’s born with a lot of patience and faith”.

When asked when she first decided to be part of the acting industry, she said, “I honestly didn’t even think whether I want to be part of this industry or not. It was my mother who pushed it, and she was the one who pushed me for Miss India training. But even in the pageant, most of the girls were all groomed and decked up, and I was the under-confident one; straight from the hostel. My mother’s always been there for me. And after the pageant, when I came to Mumbai, I realized that things weren’t very easy. So, I went back to studying. But later I realized that I can’t study and I came back again! (Laughs) I started off my job as a casting director. I happened to bag the job when I went for an acting audition! Although the director loved my acting, the character wasn’t the right fit. So I was suggested that I work with them while auditioning at the same time!”

Naina was the winner of the reality show ‘Splitsvilla’. Also, reports suggest that she will be entering ‘Bigg Boss 14′ house as a wild card contestant.

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