Rahul Vaidya REVEALS what happened on his first night with wife Disha Parmar; watch hilarious video

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Weddings are no doubt one of the most memorable event in any couple’s life. But its the taam jhaam that goes with these weddings that makes for a great story to recall later and have a hearty laugh. Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar tied the knot yesterday in Mumbai. And we are pretty sure the newlyweds have some of the most hilarious stories to share about their D-Day.

A new video has surfaced online from one of the post wedding festivities of DisHul, and its a testimony to the fact that the couple’s wedding was not devoid of some drama and a lot of masti. In the viral video, Rahul is heard recalling how his first night with wife Disha was almost unintentionally ruined by some of his relatives. Read on.

In the viral video, Rahul is heard sharing how some of his ‘legendary’ cousins and uncles disturbed him on his first night with wifey Disha Parmar. “I want to tell you all meri first night thi. Hum sab ghar wale hain, mere do cousin hai yeh Shreyas aur Arpit yeh mere sath party kar rahe the. Maine kaha mere room mein aajao. Pata nahi kal kya hua, raat ko yeh dono aur mera Manoj mama aagaye mere room mein raat ko 3 baje. It was my first night, and my wife asks me, ‘Is there anyone else in this room?’ I replied, ‘Yes’. So we have legendary people like these. Then what happened I don’t know and I slept. Next day at around 8 am my uncle rang my room’s bell and asked, ‘Are you sleeping? I said ‘Yes’. Then he asked, “Actually I left my jacket in your room last night. I have come to take that,” Rahul recalled.

Pointing at his uncle from the stage, Rahul further added, “Uncle you could have collected your jacket around 12. But thanks for disturbing my sleep at 8 am.” Through out Rahul’s narration of this hilarious story, Disha is seen laughing heartily while standing next to him. Everyone gathered also had a great laugh at the couple’s expense.

You can watch the viral video below:

Post their wedding, Rahul and Disha threw a grand reception party for their family and friends.

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