Rashami Desai takes a dig at ex-BF Arhaan Khan says, “I don’t owe anyone any explanation”

Image Source - Instagram

Rashami Desai and Ex-Boyfriend Arhaan Khan have been in the headlines lately over their leaked bank statements controversy. These statements indicate that money was withdrawn from Desai’s account and transferred to Khan’s account. Arhaan had accused Rashami of leaking the statements, but Rashami has gone all out and vented her heart on social media.

In an interview with Times of India, Rashami had spoken about the whole fiasco and said, “These transactions were made in my absence, and that too, without my knowledge when I was inside the BB house. When I came out and learnt about it, I shared the screenshots of my personal documents and these transactions with my accounting staff and a few others. Why did Arhaan transfer my money into his account?”,  But Arhaan seemed to claim that no one other than Rashami can do it.

Rashami took to her Twitter to post a quote that read, “There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error.” Taking a dig at Arhaan she wrote, “Done and Dusted! I don’t need to give anyone any explanation I’m a self-made woman got myself into something I thought was love but thank god to all the positive energy’s around me who saved me and made me learn so much more..”

Rashami did not spare anything and hit out with multiple tweets. Another read, “So on that note! I don’t regret anything because living-in means that I am privileged that I worked hard to have a house of my own so thought to share my house with the one I loved since that person oh well.. #nevermind samjh jao samjh ne walo”

Clearly Rashami is way past done with Arhaan after these tweets. Well, it will be interesting to know what Arhaan has to say after all these tweets.

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