EXCLUSIVE: Shaheer Sheikh and Hina Khan on their electrifying chemistry in Baarish Ban Jaana

Image Source - Instagram

The two powerhouses of talents, Shaheer Sheikh and Hina Khan, came together for the first time for the music video titled Baarish Ban Jaana. Joining Bollywood Bubble for a conversation, both Shaheer Sheikh and Hina Khan along with Payal Dev and Stebin Ben spoke about what they loved about the song, their chemistry, love, romance. Shaheer and Hina revealed what significance rain has in their romantic lives followed by Shaheer revealing if he sings for Ruchikaa Kapoor at all.

Speaking about the chemistry, Shaheer Sheikh said that he wasn’t expecting such a great response to their onscreen pairing. “I was not expecting such a good response, they instantly loved the song as well as our chemistry. I was surprised, honestly, in a pleasant way. The music does the trick.” Hina Khan added that their Kashmiri connect also worked for them. “I think it is a very long time I had been hearing that people were waiting for us to do something together. They say that we look good together and they are liking our chemistry. I think they liked the freshness they wanted to see. People are appreciating us as a couple and want us to do more.”

Shaheer and Hina Khan’s Baarish Ban Jaana has already crossed 10 M views on YouTube and has been loved by everywhere. The song is a sequel to Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi’s Baarish which released last year during the monsoon. Shaheer and Hina play a celebrity couple in the music video who experience a breakup and later find it difficult to hide their feelings for each other. The song was shot in Kashmir and boasts of great locations and costumes as well.

Baarish Ban Jaa has been sung by Payal Dev and Stebin Ben.

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