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Twitterati traces shocking resemblance between ‘Shaktimaan’s Tamraj Kilvish and ‘Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort

Image Source - Instagram

Mukesh Khanna’s popular show ‘Shaktimaan’ is set to return to television. We all are about to be hit by major nostalgic feels. While, everyone loves Shaktimaan, but one can ever forget the bone-chilling villain in the show and that was Tamraj Kilvish. Recently, a Twitter user drew a parallel between Tamraj and the infamous Lord Voldemort of the ‘Harry Potter’ universe.

The Twitter user who goes by the handle @sagarcasm has traced down the entire timeline of ‘Shaktimaan’ and the ‘Harry Potter’ universe and his findings are pretty shocking. The two fictional worlds have an uncanny resemblance. Well, one of the most obvious giveaways were Voldemort and Tamraj’s appearance. Their weird nose and freaky eyes.

Tamraj and Voldemort were both Dark Lords. Well, looks like Indian Television had its own Lord Voldemort.

Now, check out the amusing similarities between these two popular villains, we are pretty sure you will be amazed too.

That was quite am amazing observation of similarities between Voldemort and Tamraj. Don’t you guys agree?

Mukesh Khanna’s two iconic shows, ‘Shaktimaan’ and ‘Mahabharat’ have returned on television for people to enjoy it during the lockdown period.

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