EXCLUSIVE: Shweta Tiwari: I chose the wrong men, my kids are in this mess because of me

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It is no secret that Mere Dad Ki Dulhan actress Shweta Tiwari has had rocky marriages. She got married to Raja Chaudhary at the age of 19, but it all went downhill then, but she got a beautiful gift in the form of her daughter Palak. She gave love a second chance with Abhinav Kohli when they tied the knot in 2013. They had a son together Reyansh, but the marriage did not last. While the first thing that comes to ones’ mind is how she is coping with all of this, but there is also the following thought that Palak and Reyansh have seen their mother go through a lot and how are they dealing with it. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Shweta opened up and said that she worries for her kids and these things have left a very bad impression on them.

Shweta told us, “Both my kids have a habit of hiding their pain. They somehow don’t show me that they are sad. I don’t understand how are they both so happy when so much is happening around them. So I feel sometimes, are they trying to hide? Should I take them to a counsellor and find out if they are trying to hide their feelings from me?” 

Talking about Palak, Shweta said, “She saw me getting beaten up, she saw women coming. She has seen everything when she was just 6 years old and I had decided to take this step. Palak has seen all that trauma, police coming to the house, her mom going to the police. My son, he is just 4 years old and he knows about police, judges and it is not just because of me.” Shweta was choking on tears at this point as she said that she is helpless in saving her kids from this kind of trauma, “I have no other way out. No matter how much I want to save my kids from this situation, I can’t. Because how else can I do this, this is the only way for me to save myself. For a happy life and to get out of the mess that I am in, there is only one way. That is to be with my kids and go to the police and court. Till today I can’t understand how to save my kids from this situation.”

She further said, “I know my kids are in this mess because of me. It’s because I chose the wrong men. That was my fault, not theirs. But they are going through this, with me, strong and smiling. I never tell them, ‘don’t miss your fathers’. I never tell them don’t talk to them. But they don’t and I don’t know why. Because they get scared, they are scared of this trauma, they want to be happy and I don’t blame them for it.”

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