Wagle Ki Duniya’s Sumeet Raghvan hopes Shah Rukh Khan does a cameo in the show like in the OG series

Image Source - Instagram

Adding to the monsoon cheer, Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey team celebrates as they complete 100 episodes. In a candid chat, lead actors Sumeet Raghvan, Pariva Pranati and new entrant Anju Jadhav, speak about how the show has managed to engage with the audience and which celebrity they wish does a cameo in the show. Incidentally, Shah Rukh Khan did a cameo in the original series and Sumeet manifested that SRK does a cameo in this show too.

Sumeet Raghavan said, “Someday, I wish and hope that Shah Rukh Khan would even visit us and be a part of us. It will be a blessing. It would be very apt since he incidentally also did a cameo in the original series.” Delighted by the appreciation shown by the fans for the show, he added, “There are many reasons the audience love us so much. The credit goes out to the storyline and the atmosphere that we have all built on the sets. From making a conscious decision to avoid preachy content to building amazing bonds offscreen, it all reflects well on-screen in the interest of all generations. Aanjjan ji and Bharati ji on the sets never fail to surprise us with the hard work and motivation they bring daily. The way Aanjjan Ji comes so well prepared with all his lines learnt continues to inspire me to be a better actor.”

Adding further, Pariva Pranati said, “I’m glad that we continue to inspire more and more people by the day. Recently a fan from the United States of America got in touch with us, mentioning how we have impacted her and her family’s life, it was truly surprising and unexpected. We continue to keep the episodes realistic and contribute from the nuances of daily life, ensuring we always stay connected with our fans. Also, a huge amount of credit goes to our bond that has been built over time. We bond over food, music and loads of nok jhok. The Sr. Wagle’s also play a huge role. Bharati Ji is so full of energy on the sets and keeps us motivated at all times.”

On a concluding note, Sumeet shared, “The show has always amazed me, even as I was a child. I still remember watching it. Even today, as we shoot, I want to ensure that we continue to give our best and highlight important and relevant topics. Social issues that we bring about have such a high impact amongst our viewers, and it truly assures us that we’re giving our best daily.”

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