YRKKH Promo: Sirat’s entry at Kartik and Naira’s anniversary celebrations ‘shocks’ Goenka family

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai aka YRKKH viewers will see Kartik and Naira’s reunion, but with an emotional twist. In the upcoming episode, Kartik (played by Mohsin Khan) will plan a special anniversary surprise for his late wife Naira. Yes, Kartik will decide to celebrate his wedding anniversary with Naira and remember their fond moments together.

As such, Kartik along with Kairav and the Goenka family arrive at a decorated day to celebrate the special day. However, they receive a huge shock as they see Sirat (played by Shivangi Joshi) at the venue. Yes, Sirat will unknowingly arrive at the place. It is also a special day for Sirat as it is her ‘birthday’. Sirat comes across a huge poster of a girl looking like her, with a happy birthday message, and is surprised.

Later, the Goenka family arrives at the spot. Upon seeing Sirat, a lookalike of Naira, they’re utterly shocked. Kairav feels her mommy Naira is back as he sees Sirat, while Kartik and others are thrilled. They all go mum upon seeing each other. Now, it would be interesting to what happens next as Sirat and the Goenka family come face-to-face.

Take a look at the latest promo of YRKKH here:

Meanwhile, Rhea has kept her best foot forward to impress the Goenka family and win Kartik’s heart. She wants to marry Kartik by hook or by crook, and enjoy the power in their house. But, Kartik is paying no heed to her intentions and is slowly forming a bond with Sirat.

YRKKH is doing well and garnering eyeballs with the endless twists and turns. While it was in the top 5 in the TRP last time, it got out of the race in the lastest TRP list. What are your thoughts on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s latest promo? Are you excited to see his face-off between Sirat and the Goenkas? Let us know in the comment section below.

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