Janhvi Kapoor on trolls, insecurities, losing mom Sridevi, Arjun & Anshula’s support | Her Story

Janhvi Kapoor joins us for the latest episode of Her Story on Bollywood Bubble with our host Nayandeep Rakshit. While Janhvi does belong to a huge filmy legion, the actress stands out because of her inherent niceness and groundedness. In fact, despite being heavily trolled for her lineage and her surname, she maintains a solid ground. Here, she candidly discusses how she does understand the privileges she has and why she’s working towards changing people’s perceptions. From people calling her ‘undeserving’ to lauding her latest trailer act in Good Luck Jerry, she has managed to come a distance already. She gets honest about her insecurities and how she has always been told every good thing happened to her because of having famous parents. “People felt I got great marks also because of my parents. So I have always had this complex,” she tells us. Not just that, she opens up about losing her mother Sridevi ji months before her debut and how despite wanting to be together, this will be more a modern family set up but never a complete family. Janhvi also thanks brother Arjun Kapoor and sister Anshula Kapoor for their constant support and their efforts in making sure they are a family, in the end. All this and more in this EMOTIONAL tell-all. Watch it right here.