‘Yeh Hai India’ trailer review: Depicts the true reality of Indian culture in a hard-hitting way

The trailer of ‘Yeh Hai India‘ was released some ten days back and the trailer depicts patriotism in its truest form. The trailer starts off with a glimpse of Taj Mahal and then proceeds to tell the tale of an NRI, who sets off on a quest to discover India and bring to the fore the evils of the country. He tries to expose the shams of the powerful people who are greedy for money and the real cause of poverty. We also see him fighting goons and raising questions on the law and order of the country. Actor Gavie Chahal plays the main role of the NRI guy and he seems to be in top form with his love and attachment for his own motherland.

We also see how the foreigners perceive India to be a country of cows and beggars roaming on the streets. The character of Micky (Gavie Chahal) does everything under the Sun to ensure that the country is free of poverty, corruption and other disturbing elements. (Also Read:Gavie Chahal and Deana Uppal’s ‘Yeh Hai India’ to release on August 4)

Overall, the trailer bleeds patriotism and is a hard-hitting depiction of India’s positive and negative aspects. The movie is written and directed by Lom Harsh and will be releasing on August 4, 2017.