Price Tag: The Bachchan Bahu is officially from the RICHIE RICH squad and we have a proof!

Image Source - Yogen Shah

We know that she is the PRETTIEST women on planet Earth and her beauty has always impressed us. And trust us here, whatever she wears literally makes us go WOW. From she in a sari with a gajra to she in a ball gown, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been a stunner since ages and it’s more of a blabbering round when we just laud her all the time.

Recently, Aishwarya was spotted at the airport playing a bit safe but nonetheless looking fabulous. Looking at her elegant best, the Bachchan bahu was seen wearing a black midi dress that was layered under a long black trench. Further, the actress stepped into the shoe-trend of the moment with tall boots; a pair of black leather calf-highs. But out of all the oh-so expensive things she is seen donning, one thing which caught our attention was her Christian Louboutin tote bag with leopard-print and studs on it.

Image Source - Yogen Shah

Moving ahead, when we wanted to buy the same bag which Aish was seen carrying and went online to check its price, we completely were shocked. As the leopard print themed bag of the Bachchan bahu costs so much that it can actually sponsor a couple’s honeymoon trip. So the branded handbag of Aishwarya is priced at $1900 which is INR 120774. Yeah, we know what is your reaction man! (Also Read:The price of Aryan Khan’s sweatshirt will definitely not make your pockets sweat!)

Have a look at the proof below:

Image Source -

Oh gosh, call the doctor please, we are fainting for sure!

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