Aditya Narayan: My neighbour has tested Covid-19 positive and my whole floor is sealed

Image Source - Instagram

Aditya Narayan has been one of the most prolific personalities on television and the music industry. Even if he has a successful dad in Udit Narayan, he has managed to carve a niche for himself in his own way in the film industry. He has recently come up with a single called ‘Tere Bagair’ where he has tried to look like his father onscreen. He spoke to Bollywood Bubble about the same and revealed an interesting fact related to Covid-19, which we couldn’t ignore.

Have a look at Aditya’s interview right here:

On being spoken about the lockdown and Covid-19, Aditya said, “For me, the lockdown has begun once again from day 1 because my floor has been sealed as my neighbour has got Covid. So I am home, and my poor dog is suffering as she is peeing all over the place as nobody is taking her for a walk. So the troubles continue, and we should all try and stay safe. It’s the most important thing. It’s been 6-7 months now, and therefore people are starting to go lax on the precautions – please don’t do that. It’s everywhere. My cousin sister and her mother had it, my best friend’s parents had it, and another best friend has it currently, who got tested positive. My neighbour has it. Our next wing also has one full floor which has tested positive. So please be very careful.

Aditya had spoken to Bollywood Bubble at the start of the lockdown as well. Have a look at the candid chat right here:

Aditya also spoke about Jaan Kumar Sanu, who replaced him for ‘Bigg Boss 14′. Even though Aditya didn’t know Jaan that well, he wished him all the luck for ‘Bigg Boss 14’. “Jaan, I wish you all the very best for your musical career as I believe you’ve just started off. So wish you all the very best brother. And I also wish you all the best for your entry in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. It’s a very crazy house, full of crazy people. So I hope you maintain your sanity and do really well,” said Aditya.

Let’s hope Aditya is able to survive the lockdown and seal of his floor during these testing times. Also, let’s wait and watch if Jaan ends up going further up the ladder in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Stay hooked onto Bollywood Bubble.

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