Akshay Kumar finally opens up about his Canadian citizenship

Image Source - Twitter

Akshay Kumar has been doing a lot of national-interest films. That had brought to the forefront questions about his citizenship. When he didn’t come out to vote this Monday when the rest of Mumbai came out to vote, he was trolled heavily for this. People started blasting him for not walking the talk. Now, the actor has finally had enough. He took to social media to blast all his naysayers.

Akshay tweeted a long message which read, “I really don’t understand the unwarranted interest and negativity about my citizenship. I have never hidden or denied that I hold a Canadian passport. It is also equally true that I have not visited Canada in the last seven years. I work in India, and pay all my taxes in India.” Check out his tweet right here:

Akshay went on to write, “While all these years, I’ve never needed to prove my love for India to anyone. I find it disappointing that my citizenship issue  is constantly is dragged into needless controversy, a matter that is personal, legal, non-political, and of no consequence to others.” Well, justified, we must say. After all, he is one of the highest tax payers of the country.

Lastly, I would like to continue contributing in my small way to the cause that I believe in and make India stronger and stronger,” concluded Akshay.

Let’s hope with this all the trolling and controversy around Akshay’s Canadian citizenship is brought to rest.

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