Ali Fazal drops over 10 kg to go lean for ‘Milan Talkies’

Actor Ali Fazal has gone for an amazing transformation, he has dropped more than 10 kg weight for his role in the upcoming film ‘Milan Talkies’. He says it takes a lot of focus and will to do it.

Ali said, “It felt so good to know I could look both buff and lean if I put my heart to it. But I am a lean guy and I am most comfortable in this avatar. It takes a lot of focus and will to do it, especially the diet part.”

“My workout really helped because the only thing I had to do was run, nothing else,” he added.

In the Tigmanshu Dhulia film, Ali plays a character from a small town near Lucknow. (Also Check: Milan Talkies: Ali Fazal kicks off his next along with Shraddha Srinath

The actor had put on over 14 kg before he began shooting for his web series “Mirzapur”. Dhulia required him to drop all the weight before the film was to hit the floor in March.

He was put on a keto diet, which is a no carbohydrates and sugar diet. His trainer also ensured he ran over five km a day to drop muscle and become lean.

Ali Fazal will be starring opposite Shraddha Srinath in Milan Talkies and will be seen in the much talked about Web Series, Mirzapur which stars Pankaj Tripathi and Shweta Tripathi as well.