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Indian team selectors were getting Anushka Sharma tea? Actress clarifies baseless rumours in an open letter

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Anushka Sharma has finally broken her silence on the allegations that have been put on her. The actress has given it back to those who have blamed her wrongly in the recent past. Former cricketer Farokh Engineer made comments on Anushka Sharma about having seen members of the Indian selection committee fetching cups of tea for her. But she gave back by saying “I drink coffee” in an open letter.

Farokh Engineer in an interview with The Times of India had criticized Indian selectors and said, “All they were doing was getting Anushka Sharma cups of tea.

Anushka Sharma took to her social media profiles to share an open letter to the media. She started out by saying, that she has maintained her silence for years, but she has finally spoken about it, not because the latest incident has upset her, but because she does not want her silence to be considered as her weakness.

She wrote, “I have always been of the opinion that maintaining silence on false & fabricated news and stories against one is the best way to deal with your detractors. This is how I have handled my career for 11 years now. I always saw dignity & truth embedded in the shadow of my silence.” She added, “They say, say a lie so many times repeatedly that it starts to look like the truth and I am afraid this is what has been happening with me. My silence has made the lies spitted against me seem true but that ends today.

She opened that she was blamed for preferential treatment because of her husband Virat Kohli, but she said that she has always followed protocol.

Check out the entire letter below:

Farokh Engineer also apologized to Anushka Sharma after this open letter went viral, he told Republic Tv that his comment came out in a jest and it is blown out of proportion, “I just said it in a jest and it’s being made a mountain out of a molehill. Poor Anushka has been dragged into it, she is a lovely girl. Virat Kohli is a brilliant captain and coach Ravi Shastri is extremely good. The entire matter is being blown up unnecessarily. It turned out to be a selector as he was wearing an all India blazer.

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