There is nothing more sad and heartbreaking in the world than loosing a mother. Your support system, your shoulder to cry on and your inspiration and encouragement in every step of life.

It has been four whole years since Arjun Kapoor‘s mother Mona Kapoor lost her life to cancer. Even though Arjun and Anshula Kapoor have moved on, they do miss the shadow of a mother-figure in their lives. On the four death anniversary of their mother, the two shared some cute pictures of them with Mona on Twitter, along with an extremely emotional message.


Here is what Arjun tweeted:

It’s been 4 yrs mom but thank u fr holding my hand & walking me thru this difficult life hope u happy wherever u are

Anshul posted:

We are so sad right now and wish for the two to be happy always. 

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