Salman Khan with Bengal Tiger

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s much awaited movie reportedly got more delayed after Salman’s huge demand to director Sohail Khan to get Bengal Tiger that is used in Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi (LOP).

According to the sources,Salman was very impressed with the character of the tiger, Richard Parker. He called Sohail and showed him the footage repeatedly and, apparently, even asked him whether the tiger that Sohail had in mind would resemble the Bengal tiger in LOP. Sohail promised his brother that till he got such an impressive tiger, real or animated, he would not launch ‘Sher Khan.


The ‘Sher Khan’ movie reportedly got delayed  Because Sohail Khan in search of trained tiger which is smiliar to Bengal tiger of LOP.So Salman Khan fans have to wait till Tiger Salman get Bengal Tiger on board.

Earlier,Salman Khan has requested Sohail Khan to learn 3D Tricks for the Sher Khan.Seems like Salman Khan is walking of his good friend ‘Aamir Khan’ to make his movie with perfect things.