‘Besharam Bewaffa’ director Vinay Sapru opens up on why all Divya Khosla Kumar’s music videos have similar plot lines

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Divya Khosla Kumar’s latest music video ‘Besharam Bewaffa’ has been breaking the internet as the fans are loving the heartbreak anthem. The song is crooned by B Praak and directed by Radhika Rao & Vinay Sapru. In a recent conversation with us,  Vinay opened up about the creative process behind this song.

Talking about Besharam Bewafa, Vinay said, “We were all locked into our houses in the lockdown and Bhushan Kumar ji called Radhika ma’am and me, and he says that he has these amazing 3-4 songs and he wants us to come and listen to them”. So when the duo met up and heard the songs one of them was ‘Besharam Bewafa’ that left them impressed. Vinay said, “We have never heard of a hook line ‘Behsram Bewafa tera ki haal hai’. Its like a punch in the stomach. It is a poetry that is really gut-wrenching. The visuals were right in front of our eyes. The credit entirely goes to Bhushan for selecting the song.”


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He also further added that whenever they get a song they start from a blank canvas as there are no visuals, just lyrics of the song, “Radhika and my songs are always about storytelling and all that. It has got a beginning, middle and end with characters. It almost like making movies. ‘Besharam Bewafa’ is a male point of view actually, so when Radhika and I heard it, we said that to us though the male is singing but is almost like a female point of view. We would like to show a girl who is doing this to a man. Actually, we turned over the whole song on its head. For us this is not a man, this is a woman.”

Talking about what made them cast Divya Khosla Kumar in the song, Vinay opened up, “We had done two songs just before Behsaram Bewafa with Divya. We told Bhushan Ji that when we shut our eyes we see this classic beauty rendering this stuff and things happening to her life. We see as directors this happening to a girl who is traditionally beautiful so we thought of casting Divya.”

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Well, since Divya’s music videos have been going viral there have been a lot on meme fests online that talking about the similar plotlines between her three videos, Yaad piya ki aane lagi,  Teri Aankhon Mein and now BesharamBewaffa. Chuckling Vinay said that, it was not deliberately done. “Radhika and I never do that. We shut our eyes we listen to the song and whatever story comes to our mind we go with that. We have done so many hits like Kaliyo Ka Chaman Kanta Laga, so many of them.” Vinay said that people come and request to recreate them but they never have done it again. “There is never a formula to a story. Even for Divya, there is a thought which comes. These are visuals that came into our head and this is the story that came into our head. Now that there have been three of them and Divya sent me memes that there are three men who love Divya and three men who lost Divya. We didn’t realise that. But, it is not like that,” Vinay said.

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