Kangna Ranaut: Dacoits stopped my car in Chambal

Actress Kangna Ranaut is to be seen in her next ‘Revolver Rani’ as a modern day dacoit. The Diva had no idea that the place that she was shooting was the most crime infested place, where at every corner you can meet a criminal with a police record.



Kangna Ranaut who shot for the film in Chambal, says she was not aware about the crime happening in the area even now. “If I was aware that there are people on whom two-three murder cases are there, people have guns… I would not have done it. I wouldn’t have taken the risk to go there.”
She further added, that while they were returning to Gwalior with film’s director Sai Kabir and the crew in a convoy of about four-five cars and a police van, they were stopped by 12-15 men armed with guns and knives. “The dacoits wanted to pose for pictures with me and refused to let the car pass. Kabir managed to reason with them and succeeded.”
So Kang’s has fans among the dacoits too.