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‘Delhi Crime’ web series director Richie Mehta to be sued by Delhi Police SHO

Image Source - newsnation

‘Delhi Crime’ a web series directed by Richie Mehta focuses on the investigation done by Delhi Police during December 16, 2012, Delhi rape case that shook the nation. It is one of the most watched series, however, Inspector Anil Sharma who had worked hard to solve the case is upset that he has been portrayed as irresponsible and slow is planning legal action against the makers.

Sharma, now a Station House Officer of Lodhi Colony Police Station, told IANS that his depiction was fabricated by Mehta for “commercial profit”. Sharma was SHO of the Vasant Vihar Police Station in 2012. He said his portrayal as a dumb officer who shrugs off responsibility on the jurisdiction issue and often been scolded by then DCP, Chhaya Sharma, in the series, is totally wrong.

In the web series, the Lodhi Colony SHO, Vinod was shown as an irresponsible officer who gets scolded time and again by DCP Vartika Chaturvedi. However, in the real life, the SHO Lodhi Colony, Anil Sharma mentioned that he worked thoroughly in the investigation of the Delhi rape case and hence, wants to sue the director for the wrongful portrayal of his character in the web series.

Sharma told IANS that he was upset with his ‘derogatory’ portrayal and even mentioned that he had been commended by the Police Department as well for his contributions to cracking the horrific crime.

Sharma also said, “I lost my ailing father Harbans Lal Sharma and elder brother, Sanjay Sharma during the trial. My brother fell down in residence in my absence and later died of excess bleeding. I was bathing my brother’s body for last rites and at the same time, I got a call from my senior officer about the case, I immediately skipped the last rites and reported to the officer without telling about the tragedy.”

Delhi Crime features Shefali Shah as Vartika Chaturvedi who plays the part of DCP Chhaya Sharma, who carried out the actual investigation with her team, in 2012.

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