Digangana Suryavanshi

Did you know actress Digangana Suryavanshi who’s popular for her roles in the films ‘Jalebi’, and ‘FryDay’ is also a singer? She started singing when she was a kid. She spoke to Bollywood Bubble and shared as how she developed her interest in singing. Read on to know.


Since when did you start showing interest in music as a kid?

When I was a year old literally since then, my mother fondly remembers whenever the songs used to play I used to become a quiet kid. I was less than a year old when I went to watch my first show. And there’s this one funny thing which I had as a child that if I used to start singing as a kid then you will have to listen to my entire list. Whenever I used to start singing, My parents used to be like, “Oh Abh 15 minutes yahi baithna padega” (laughs) because whatever songs I knew I used to sing one by one.

How did the first music album happen?

So I was born in Jabalpur, although I just stayed there for a month then we shifted to Delhi and then Bombay. So back then I used to sing but I used to sing in English because of which people used to think that I am a firang. So we went to my uncle’s studio and at that time he said that no she has an accent which can hamper the authenticity as the song was in ‘Bundelkhandi’. But then I heard and practiced some songs which were already released. So after I gave my first shot to it so it really sounded very devotional. And I and my parents are very much inclined towards Vaishno Devi, so starting my career with a devotional track was like icing on the cake. And that’s how my first album ‘Devi Kheer Khaalo’ came out.

You also learnt, a new language for the song?

So, some songs were in Bundeli and some songs had the Madhya Pradesh accent. It was very raw.

How long did you take to comprehend the language?

Honestly, for me it wasn’t a challenge back then also and it isn’t a challenge today also. I just took it up in a few minutes, even if you say something to me in French and Spanish or Japanese and Chinese also and give me a couple of minutes, I’ll pick it up instantly.

On the work front, she will soon be resuming shoot for her Telugu film, ‘Seetimaarr’ opposite Gopichand. She will also be seen in a movie with Arjun Rampal.

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