Dimple Paul Sajid Khan Farah Khan

Model Dimple Paul recently accused Sajid Khan of sexual misconduct. She also revealed why she decided to speak about her #MeToo story after ten years. She alleged that Sajid had asked her to strip in front of him saying that he would give her a role in ‘Housefull 2′. She was just 17 at that time. Dimple aka Paulaa has now shared a video where she narrated her ordeal in details.

She said, “I was re-evaluating my life during the lockdown and realized that when I started my career with same pageant and all of these things happened with me, I didn’t go to any big banners for the next three to four years, thinking that everyone is the same. I wasted so many years of my life. I went through that stress, so how could I speak about it?.”


Paulaa said that her mother was orthodox and she ever wanted her to get into the industry. If she had told her about her encounter with Sajid Khan, she would have never allowed her to enter Bollywood. She feels sorry now that she didn’t speak up at that time. Her parents have passed away and she is not scared of anything now. She wanted to speak now because many people want to get into Bollywood.


IFTDA had suspended filmmaker Sajid Khan for one year over complaints of sexual harassment levelled against him during the #MeToo movement. Dimple said that one year ban is not enough and he should be punished. She called him a sex addict and a mentally sick person who needs to be sent to an asylum. She further said, “He just got one year ban from the industry. If you molest so many girls, that’s what you get. I thought I was the victim 10 years back when this happened with me as I didn’t hear other people’s stories. Now, I feel Sajid Khan is the victim. I think Farah Khan should help her brother out as he is sick in his hand. We girls are not the victim, Sajid Khan is. One year ban is not enough. He should be punished.”

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