Director Shankar finally reveals ‘2.0’ budget as well as the reason behind its delay

Image Source - The Indian Express

Megastar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer science-fiction ‘Robot‘ that released in the year 2010, was liked by audiences and critics alike. In fact, the film was praised for its portrayal of a robot’s feelings so much, that everyone was eagerly looking forward to its sequel.

Few years down the line, the second instalment of ‘Robot’ titled ‘2.0’ was announced but owing to various reasons the film got delayed several times. This month finally the teaser of the sequel was unveiled and it looked magnificent and spectacular. While everyone was wondering why the film was delayed so many times, director Shankar has finally opened and revealed the real reason.

In an interview with Rajeev Masand, talking about the film’s delay, Shankar said that there were several factors that resulted in postponing the film’s release date and that his initial plan was to release the film way earlier. The filmmaker revealed that the VFX company which was supposed to deliver the film two months before Diwali failed to do it. Later their team decided to give their film to a bigger company and this whole process took a lot of time. The director said, “The VFX company asked for another year to complete the whole thing. Then we realised that they didn’t have the capacity or to handle the complexity of VFX so we decided to go for a bigger company. Then we got Double Negative company. They are doing Marvel films. Last year they won the Academy Award for Blade Runner 2049. While shifting also we had some practical problems. It was like uprooting a tree from one place and planting it. To shift each and every element has taken a bit longer.”

Revealing about the approximate budget of the film, Shankar said, “Including publicity and prints, it must be somewhere between 70 and 75 million dollars. So it’s a round figure that people are talking about. See, I don’t start with the budget, I start from the script. This script demands a big budget. Very advanced technology has been used and it has the best technicians, so it’s taking its own budget. We have to appreciate Mr Subhashkaran, the producer.”

Woah, so its finally confirmed that ‘2.0’ is actually made on a whopping budget of Rs 543 Crores approx. Now, this is huge and something that we have never heard of before. Our excitement to watch this film has now increased. What about you guys?

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