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The drama king KRK is back, this time with a suicide note

Few days ago, we all heaved a sigh of relief after knowing that the self proclaimed film critic, Kamaal R Khan’s Twitter handle has been suspended. We are sure many B-Town celebs were also quite happy about it.

However, KRK, who is known for doing a lot of drama, is back! No, don’t worry, he is not yet back on Twitter, but he has threatened that if his handle is not restored within 15 days, he will commit suicide. Trade analyst, Atul Mohan, posted the picture of the press release on Twitter which was later retweeted by the handle of KRKBoxOffice.

Well, this morning, KRKBoxOffice tweeted, “According to our sources-Versova Area police has just reached to KRK Bungalow because they got call that KRK is going to commit suicide today.” [sic]

Source: Twitter

This tweet makes us wonder, isn’t KRKBoxOffice owned by Kamaal R Khan himself? So, who are these sources? Could it be that he himself is tweeting this? Such a drama king, no? (Also Read: ‘Aamir is the real owner of Twitter,’ says KRK after his account gets suspended)

Now let’s wait and watch if Twitter will restore his account or not, and if his account is restored will KRK once again start the nuisance he has been doing on the micro-blogging site? Time will tell.


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