EXCLUSIVE: Emraan Hashmi calls award shows ‘entertainment events’; says, “You have people dancing and they get awards”

Image Source - Instagram

Emraan Hashmi recently took a dig at the award shows in Bollywood as he compared them to festivals and entertainments events. The actor sat down for a candid chat with Bollywood Bubble when asked the actor about his opinion on the award shows in Bollywood. The, soon to be seen in Dybbuk, star said that Award shows are nothing short of an Entertainment event where stars are called to put up a dance performance. Emraan Hashmi also said that award shows are merely for the grandeur and TRP on TV. Many Bollywood actors have spoken about the dark side of the awards shows and how the felicitation is not on merit. Emraan too believes that awards are ‘basically for your presence there.’

Emraan told Bollywood Bubble, “It’s like an entertainment event. It’s like we like festivals, we like grandeur and TV ratings. You get a bunch of stars together and it’s about entertainment. You have people dancing and then people who are dancing, they get awards. So you know Surprise Surprise!”

The actor further added that the awards are not actually given on merit, “I mean there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is that if you delude yourself that you actually got that award on merit. It is basically for your presence there.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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