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Emraan Hashmi: It is difficult being a smart actor in Bollywood

Image Source - Instagram

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi is cut from a different cloth and likes to go against the tide. The ‘Murder’ actor has always done different kinds of cinema and doesn’t want to get stuck. Emraan has completed over 15 years in the industry through sheer hard work and has faced more than enough setbacks.

Now, Emraan Hashmi (in an interview with news agency PTI) took a dig at Bollywood and had some pretty harsh things to say.

The ‘Jannat’ actor said, “It is difficult being a smart actor in Bollywood. Stupidity goes a long way here. The audience is smart but not too many producers and directors take that (risk) and understand that. Now at least we have the new blood coming up with new stuff. Back then, it was just about making escapist films with a star, do what a star is supposed to do and get bums on seats. Right now, the audience wants to see more than that.” 

Emraan, for the longest time, was stuck with the serial kisser tag and had to work really hard to break that image and said, “Initially you can’t voice your concerns because scripts choose you rather than you choosing scripts. When one thing works, they just stretch that to make them work again and again. Producers see it as safety net, a cash register. Where the audience is expected not to ask questions. Then I met filmmakers and producers who wanted to challenge me as an actor.”

Emraan, during the interview, also remarked that audiences are tired of star-driven cinemas and are looking for strong and powerful content.

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