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After Kangana Ranaut, Emraan Hashmi slams Bollywood for ‘hugging’ and later ‘dissing’

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In Bollywood, we see many actors being diplomatic with what they say, there are some actors who don’t mince their words and speak what they feel right. One of those actors is Emraan Hashmi. The ‘Murder’ actor has always been vocal and outspoken. He is like Kangana Ranaut who doesn’t think twice (or care) before she says anything. In his recent interview, he said that ‘people hug you in trials and later on diss you.’

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As per a report in Hindustan Times, Emraan said that he has honest people around him who give him a reality check from time to time while there are also some who appreciate his work and then diss him later on. “My family is fairly critical of my stuff; I cherish and like that. When they don’t like something, they are brutally honest. They don’t sugar-coat things and tell me. It’s much needed, since you don’t get that enough. In film trial shows [people] come and hug you, and say ‘what a great job’, and might diss you out later on. I should, therefore, have a set of people who are brutally honest.”

This reminds us of Kangana Ranaut, who a few days back, exposed the dirty reality of Bollywood. In an interview, the ‘Manikarnika’ actress said that there are some people in Bollywood who gang up to not support someone’s (whom they don’t like) films.

After Kangana, Emraan has also spoken on this and we hope other actors who feel the same will speak up on this in the future.

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