EXCLUSIVE: Adhyayan Suman REACTS to fake news of his suicide; says, “My mother almost had a heart attack”

Image Source - Instagram

Adhyayan Suman’s false death news sent shock waves across the country. When his family and fans heard the news on a reputed news channel, they were devastated. Adhyayan was in Delhi for a meeting and his phone was silent. As his parents couldn’t reach him, they were shattered. We spoke to Adhyayan regarding this and while exclusively speaking to us, he said, “I was in Delhi, travelling. My manager asked me if I was aware of what’s happening. I was in the middle of a meeting and my phone was silent. When I took the phone to call my parents, I saw that they called me so many times. I was shocked and it was beyond belief. I spoke to my parents and they were very furious because they lost their first son.”

Adhyayan also said that his mother had an emotional breakdown and was traumatised. “It was out of nowhere for them to hear something so shocking. My mother almost had a heart attack. She went through trauma after hearing about it and any mother would. I spoke to them and said I am fine,” said Adhyayan.

People started calling him to know if he is fine. He said, “Everyone who knows me, know that I am a happy guy. I am happy to be in the position that I am in. I’m working hard and got myself a new house. Even, people would think about what the reason is that I would do something like this.”

The channel called him and apologised and said that they had fired the person who claimed that he is dead. “What they think I will forget such a big blunder by them. Today, if I don’t take any action, they will do this to hundreds of people. You cannot do this. I have realised that they have stooped so low in their life,” said Adhyayan lashing out at the news channel.

Adhyayan wants to know who is behind this and what the thought process was before writing this article. Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Suman had already slammed the channel and also said that he is taking legal action against the channel.

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