EXCLUSIVE: Amrita Rao on LOVE STORY with RJ Anmol: Used to say, my first relationship will turn into marriage

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Amrita Arora and her husband RJ Anmol are giving ‘parenting goals’ to everyone as they lovingly raise their son Veer. The couple tied the knot on May 15, 2016, in a private wedding ceremony. It is already known that Amrita and Anmol took the nuptial vows after dating each other for seven long years. Yes! However, did you know how Amrita Arora fell in love with RJ Anmol and how their love story began? Well, Amrita has revealed it all to us.

In an exclusive and candid chat, Amrita Arora spilled the beans about her love story with RJ Anmol. She revealed her ‘first impression’ of Anmol, and also what keeps them going as a couple despite the ups and lows. “When Anmol proposed to me, I told him, ‘For me, it is going to get serious from here on.’ That was the note, to begin with,” she shared.

She added, “I think this whole stance of, Okay, if we’re taking this path, it is only going to be serious from here. I had that stance, Anmol also had that stance. It was not like we’re going to get married, but we wanted to give each other commitment. Now, we are committed to each other. And for me, it was like my first relationship. I was not the girl who dated in college and stuff like that.”

“I used to always say, I will take my time, but my first relationship will be the one that will go to marriage. I’m not saying that can happen to everybody, but I think I just got lucky,” Amrita expressed.

Ask Amrita what attracted her towards Anmol and what was her first impression, she promptly replied, “I think his genuineness.” She continued, “The fact that there was no pretence. He was who he is, and there was really no pretence of trying to be somebody. Generally, guys put on a lot to impress girls. But, there was nothing like that, he was very genuine and is. And that was enough to impress me.”


The actress also pointed out how guys lack commitment. And that’s the major reason why many love stories don’t have a good ending. “What guys lack today is commitment, I really don’t know why, they lack it majorly. They want to date, they want to have fun, but when it comes to saying, ‘I’ll take this a step further by tying the knot,’ they just chicken out or run away. I’ve heard of terrible stories and terrible stories on dating apps as well,” she opined.

In November 2020, RJ Anmol and amrita rao welcomed their first child, a Baby boy, who they named ‘Veer.’

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