EXCLUSIVE: Neelima Azeem: Mira Rajput is the glue that holds our family together

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In our Mother’s Day special chat show ‘Super Mom’, Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar’s mother Neelima Azeem, not only spoke about them but she also heaped praises on her daughter-in-law Mira Rajput. The veteran actress called Mira a gift and the glue that holds the family together. In a candid chit chat with Bollywood Bubble, Neelima opened up about how Mira gave her the tag of ‘cool mother-in-law’. The veteran actress also said that Mira has graced their lives with her presence.

Sharing about the bond that she shares with Shahid’s wife, Neelima said, “Mira had given me the tag of ‘cool mother-in-law’. She repeats it often and she also puts it everywhere. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction. And I feel happy about myself. What could be better that you have another child suddenly? Whether it’s your son-in-law or daughter-in-law, suddenly you have another child. And that child obviously you haven’t brought up and laboured or earned for. It’s just like a gift. You have a wonderful child and that child becomes a part of your life. Mira has brought the biggest joy, Misha and Zizi (Zain) into our lives. She is a family person. She has brought the whole family together. And ever since Misha and Zizi have been born, Mira has set up all the events and all the family gatherings. And she always has something new and interesting things to contribute. I find her very creative. And of course, now she has broken out into her own and she is doing very well and I am not surprised because she is extremely intelligent. She is from LSR, she has done English Literature.”

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She went on to add, “She is a very educated girl and I have been observing how well informed she is. Also, she is very calm and easy. No drama, no tantrums, no wanting to get attention nothing. She glues the family together. She deserves this praise because she’s earned it. She commands that respect. She has graced our lives.”


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